We hope to see Raw Barz as an international forum for rappers round the globe in future. We plan to involve artist from as many countries we can to have and international forum and learn from each other. We plan to make Raw Barz and international success which is not much achieved by Nepali event management companies still. In five years we see our self with at least 10 franchises covering all continents. As we now are only registering Nepali rappers, we plan to incorporate the local rappers from the same place as of the event takes place while giving them change to travel round the globe battling too.

The main motive of Raw Barz is to provide a platform to all the Rappers of Nepal to showcase their talent and skills worldwide. Raw Barz team has already set up a recording studio for the Rappers and a space to practice at their office located at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.

For 2017 we are planning a National tour to reach every nooks and corners of our country so we have potential from every part ofour country and everyone gets opportunity for the same. Having much ambitious international plans, our core focus would always be for rappers from Nepal.

We want to show the world potential of Nepali rappers.


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