Message From The CEO

We, ”Raw Barz-The First Rap Battle League in Nepal” that have been recognized by BBC UK, Youtube,
and other big corporate houses worldwide would like to offer you to be a part of our next venture
Raw Barz Season IV. We pioneer at organizing events and shows pertaining to Hip Hop music. Over
hundred videos of our events already float on Youtube and have been viewed by millions already.
Over the years, we have become a craze among the youngsters worldwide and we continue to be the
first choice for big corporate houses and companies for their marketing and promotional endeavors.

Presently, we plan to hold Raw Barz events in Kathmandu, which will be the fourth installment of the
kind in Nepal under our banner. First segment of the events is audition round followed by the battles.
There will be more than hundred videos made and floated in Youtube alone.

We believe, with the huge number of fan following; craze among the youngsters and a deep concern
among the adults, both Sponsor and Raw Barz shall largely benefit from the tie-up.

We would be very grateful if you were to consider this proposal favorably.
Looking forward in anticipation,

Yours truly,

Kolin Bikram Rana

Raw Barz Private Limited


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