Hip-hop/Rap is an American sub cultural genre that mostly describes one’s feelings using rhyming end words and bar counts. This is an international genre of music and art turning millions of heads towards it.

In Nepal something same was done from the establishment of society. We name it Dohori. A native cultural way of expressing one’s feelings about family, friendship, etc. Especially it is used to portray things one cannot express free to others while could be done in a group. For instance a woman’s plea for the problems they are facing at their husband’s house, tortures and how much they miss their family etc.

So with modernization and cultural change we could relate HIP-HOP/Rap and ’Dohori’ so the cultural values were still intact while integrity to reach an international label was created. This bridges the language barrier and cultural amalgamation is made. Raw Barz is a platform for the same.


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