Raw Barz started formally in 2013 but the first concept edition of Raw Barz was held in 2011.This was first time ever an event was organized focused purely for rap battle while artist from different part of the city participated.
Audiences were much more amazed to see a new genre of art performed that was never seen before in Nepal.

We had over 20 participants and a pool of 800 on the viewers end.

Since it was a new thing we faced many issues including language barriers, competition model etc. So we took a year to plan for all the barriers we saw was there, remodel it and come up with what Raw Barz is today.


Raw Barz is a first ever Rap-Battle league in Nepal designed to bring out creative talent of today’s youth via rap as a platform. On a small time frame of just a year we are able to delight viewers not only from Nepal but from around the Globe. In this time frame of a year we have achieved national and international recognition via several national and international newspapers, magazines, international radio broadcasts, TV interviews and online media.

We have been featured as the top online phenomenon (YouTube) by major publications in Nepal. Not only in Nepal, is Raw BarZ today held in USA, Australia and UK too as our franchise.


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